List of Olympic Events

There are plenty of Olympic sports, 28 of them in the summer Olympics and seven sports in the Winter Olympics. Sometimes number change as it depends in the country where the Olympics are hold and the weather, so there is not a fixed list of olympic events. Each sport is governed by the International Federation and the International Olympic Committee is in charge of establishing the order to divide each discipline into a sports category, for example, disciplines from aquatics are governed by the International Swimming Federation.

On former events, there were games that are currently not included in the Olympics Games, for example, Tug of War and Polo. Some sports may become discontinued sports from the Olympic Games if there is lack of interest or not a proper governing body to regulate that particular discipline. Archery and Tennis were dropped and later re scheduled in the Olympic Games programs.

Among the hardest sports played in the Olympic Games are Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Downhill skiing, skeleton, boxing, water polo, gymnastics, weight lifting, decathlon and wrestling. These sports disciplines are hardest gold medals to get as all of them require discipline, good performance and strength, things that can only be achieved after years of practice and really hard work.

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