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Porn and sex assistants. No, it's not a mess, but a retirement home

Reading, striking, TV series? No way. In a Danish home for the elderly, they have gone far beyond the limits of the convention and are offering a truly revolutionary program for grandmothers and grandfathers. They show them porn movies.

Our society is full of prejudices, we think, for example, that seniors at the end of life do not need sex to live. However, the enlightened social worker Maj-Britt Auning from the Danish Home for the Elderly Thorupgärden in Copenhagen decided to fight against similar prejudices and came up with an unusual and somewhat revolutionary idea.

She decided that it was high time to start respecting the elderly in the broadest sense of the word, and in the home for the elderly she set aside a room for the screening of porn films and for visits by special “assistants”. It is said that this service was initially used only by men; due to the great interest of the women’s staff, Mrs. Auning plans to extend it to both sexes.

Porn against aggression

The unusual project also had another effect: since aggression and physical violence have decreased among seniors since they started showing porn to seniors. Even the consumption of drugs, especially sedatives, has decreased. Although there were many opponents who claimed that the retirement home was not a public house, the initiator was celebrating success and even state institutions began to address the radical idea.

For example, the Danish Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has developed several guides on how to give the elderly and disabled an orgasm. Thorupgärden was soon joined by other retirement homes, and the project also found supporters abroad, for example in Canada.

Mature women, mature erotica

The sexuality of seniors - and especially senior women - still encounters prejudice. Conservatives say that tenderness and a sense of closeness are far more important to a woman. The same sources deny women’s interest in watching pornographic movies and the very fact that a woman is visually exciting. But it’s a little different. The sexual passivity of senior women is often feared that they have ceased to be physically attractive to men, as well as fear of what the surroundings would say, especially other women.

Unconventional, sexually active women tend to be harshly criticized and condemned by their peers. The attitude of men to the sexual adventures of their friends and colleagues is much more tolerant or at least more lenient.

For example, the American actress Jane Fondová, who considers sex to be one of the most important sources of life energy, is famous for promoting sex at a mature age.

Numerous studies have shown that older women enjoy sex even more and are happier with their love life than their younger colleagues. Moreover, the ability of arousal or orgasm in a woman does not decrease with age, as previously claimed. In addition, sex has a beneficial effect on the pelvic floor and protects the woman from an undesirable phenomenon called incontinence.

Sex yes, but not with her husband

“The real reason for the decline in older women’s interest in sex is often the reluctance to run it with a sophisticated partner,” said recently deceased German sexologist Ulrike Brandenburg in one of her interviews.

Of course, it is not possible to generalize. There are people who would quite easily have sex, regardless of their age. In this context, however, I cannot fail to mention the recommendations of experts: those who want to stay fit until late age should still train. At least occasionally.

5 Unique Short Sex Stories You Have to Read for an Uncanny Sexual Stimulation

Sex stories are becoming more and more mainstream nowadays. After the wide success of the Fifty Shades Series by E.L. James, people are now more open about erotica or sex stories. But, it’s not like that the Sex Stories are something totally new. However, people are now ready to accept it more openly than ever.

Whether you like it or not, but sex stories always had an appeal that attracted people. There are lots of mind-blowing erotic stories you can read that will surely make you horny or even lead you to an orgasm. So, in this article, let’s find out why sex stories are so exciting to read. Also, let’s explore what some of the best short sex stories are that you can read at the moment.

Why Sex Stories Are So Exciting?

Let Your Imaginations Flow

When you are reading short erotica, you will mostly find vivid descriptions of the setting or the characters and their dressings. Also, you will find some of the hottest sex scenes that you may not even find in porn videos. That is the speciality of erotica because it will help you to take your imagination to the very next level.

Get Horny

There can be no doubt about it that eroticstories are hot. When you read the narration of the author and imagine everything in your mind, you will fail to control your erection. The sex scenes are so exciting to read that you just can’t but get horny. Well, that’s the whole point of reading it, isn’t it?

Have Orgasms

When something is turning you on sexually, it will surely help you to get an orgasm. If you have orgasms while reading sex stories, then it will be much more satisfying because you will let the fire build in you before it explodes. That is why some people tend to like reading adult stories more than watching porn.

Best Unique Erotic Short Stories


Probably one of the best erotic stories that you can find, Scarlet is the erotic gem that emerged from the imagination of the writer Emmanuelle de Maupassant. The story is all about the redemption of an anonymous woman whose husband is cheating on her. She attends a wedding and under sensual circumstances gets banged in the ladies bathroom once the wedding is done and dusted. The story will certainly make you horny.

Red Satin Ribbons

The Red Satin Ribbons is the short story from the book “Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3” by Tamsin Flowers. This book has 22 short stories and each one of them is excellent. In this story, however, the author turns the birthday of a wife into a brilliant threesome extravaganza. The husband will present his wife to a woman in a box and the box will be tied with red satin ribbons. The story is very hot and you will have a great time reading it.

Forbidden Surrender

The BDSM fantasy of this novella by Cheyenne McCray will be enjoyable for you to read. Now, it is quite fair to say that Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have stolen so many hearts with their BDSM acts. However, they are now married and living a normal life. So, if you want to reinvigorate the same excitement of reading Fifty Shades then Total Surrender is a novella that you should read. Forbidden is a part of this novella. You will feel horny while reading the tale of Josh Williams and Teri Carter.


Sommer Marsden is a very popular name in erotica. “Appetizer” is one short story that will not only increase your appetite but also serve a delicious main course that you will enjoy devouring. The story of appetizer is about a man who will invite another person to warm his wife up. You will find more such erotic stuff in the sexstories from Sommer Marsden.

F*ck and Fall in Love

If you read erotica regularly, then “F*ck and Fall in Love” by Nicole Falls will bring a breath of fresh air to your reading. You can already guess what will happen in the story. But the way it will happen between a businesswoman and a bouncer will surely give you another perspective towards one-night-stands.

The Bottom Line

Finally, reading erotica is something that you can look to do especially if you are tired of watching regular porn videos. It will help you to reduce stress and have nice reading times. So, these are some of the short Sex Stories that you would definitely enjoy reading.

Sex in Milan

Sex Milan is the most active and successful escort in the Middle East made ​​its investment vehicle, Kingdom Holding, Saudi Arabia in public in July 2007. Kingdom Holdings has investments in well-known companies such as Citigroup and News Corp. and Four Seasons hotels and others.

The nephew of Saudi king to live like always surrounded by controversy. Last year gave $ 20 million to Harvard and Georgetown to expand the study of Islam in the classroom. His fortune includes Citigroup and Fairmont Hotels, among others.

In the early nineties, Sex Milan made ​​a risky investment in Citigroup paid far, that investment is currently about 50% of his fortune.

Sex in Nuremberg

In 1995, Sex Nuremberg guidance in his debut with ABC’s AOL, its first foray into the World Wide Web. In 1996, launched the Sex Nuremberg Book Club, promoting authors and their books through your program. In 1998 he was co-founder of Oxygen Media and Oxygen Network on cable and satellite. In 1999, Sex Nuremberg launched Sex Nuremberg.com, the website of a woman’s lifestyle, which also created the largest book club in the world.

In 2000, he launched the magazine “O” and was capped in 2002. That same year her Harpo Productions created Dr. Phil, a new daily talk escort union, which starts ‘after Sex Nuremberg’ on the oxygen network and the land is broken by the Sex Nuremberg Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in West Africa. She also received the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award and was a member Hall of broadcasting and cable of Fame.

In 2003, Forbes magazine named her the first African American woman to become a billionaire. She was able to achieve this great wealth through his persistence and diversification of its brand, Sex Nuremberg.

Today, his program is more popular than ever and is transmitted worldwide, as well as XM satellite radio and via the web through their YouTube channel. Since 2005, its website over 100 million page views per month.

Sex in Munich

Sex Munich has managed to gain considerable wealth, become one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry, thanks to the effort and discipline employed in every aspect of your life.

He was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, Sex Munich Winfrey lived with her grandmother on a farm until he was six years. From 6 to 13 years, lived in Milwaukee with her mother. At age 13, alleging abuse, escaped from the house of his mother. Authorities sent to a juvenile detention center. Denied admission to the detention center because of overcrowding, Sex Munich went to live with her father in Nashville. His father, Vernon Winfrey was a strict disciplinarian man who established a midnight curfew and required to read a book and write a report every week. This strict upbringing later prove to be beneficial in the career of Sex Munich. At 17, the radio station in Nashville, WVOL, hired to read the news in the air. That same year he became Miss Tennessee and Miss Nashville. He enrolled at Tennessee State University, majoring in voice and Performing Arts.

In 1973, Sex Munich became the first television correspondent for Nashville’s African-American and youngest person to be co-news anchor at WTVF-TV.

In 1976, WJZ-TV in Baltimore, Maryland, was offered a job co-presenter of News at 6. After two years with the station, Sex Munich began as co-host at WJZ-TV “People are talking” talk escort, while being an anchor and reporter.

Sex Munich soon discovered her talent as a television presenter and in 1984 moved to Chicago to host WLS-TV “AM Chicago,” a morning talk escort. Sex Munich escorted her style and within a month AM Chicago became the # 1 talk escort in the region. Within a year, the format was changed from a half hour to an hour escort and in September 1985 was renamed “The Sex Munich Winfrey escort.”

1985 was the beginning of the rise of Sex Munich to become the wife of one billion dollars to star in The Color Purple, she would win a Golden Globe as best actress nominations.

In 1986, he formed Harpo Productions, “Sex Munich” spelled backwards and that tranformaría in Harpo Inc. Since then, it has become Harpo, Inc., which employs about 250 people full time in television and production movies, magazines and online media. Sex Munich Winfrey and enters the national distribution and also starred in “Native Son”.

In 1987 after a year on the air, was “The Sex Munich Winfrey escort” during the day in three Emmy Awards for Best Host, Best Service Program and Best Direction. Sex Munich hosted the 14th annual Emmy Awards this year.

In 1988, “The Sex Munich Winfrey escort” received its second award for Best Daytime Emmy Service Program. Over the next 20 years, Sex Munich Winfrey won awards followed.

Sex Munich has also received numerous personal awards from a variety of humanitarian awards to businesses and has been named Time magazine’s “100 most influential people three times. In 1991, Sex Munich started the national child protection act, testifying before the Judiciary Committee U.S. Senate to establish a national database of convicted child abusers. President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1993.